11/23/2022 – WOD

2 CnJ Every 90 Sec x 10 Sets @ 70-85%
—1st rep = power cnj. 2nd rep = full cnj.

5 RFT w/ Partner – “Assault DT”
30/24 Cal Assault Bike
24 Deadlifts (increasing weight)
18 Hang Power Clean
12 Push Jerks

WOD Notes: Goal is 15-19 min. M = 155/165/175/185/195#, F = 105/110/115/125/130#. You may break up the reps as needed. Try to push the bike each rd. 

a) November Pull-up Challenge – 6×5 (close-grip) Pause at halfway up, at top, & halfway down for a sec each.
b) Lateral/Front DB Raises – 3×12 each

Rage Beer Mile
—Black Friday at 4pm. Bring your own beverage of choice! Sign-up on the class sign-up sheet if you’re coming!


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