11/26/2022 – WOD

Conditioning (40 Min cap)
400/320 Cal Ski For Time w/ Partner or Max Cals
***Every 8 Min x 4 Sets starting at 0:00 do:
50/40/30/20 Hang Squat Cleans 
50/40/30/20 T2B

WOD Notes: Goal is to finish under 40 min cap. You will have much less time on the ski the first 2 rounds since it’s more reps. HSC: M = 115/135/155/185#, F = 75/95/105/125#. First barbell should feel super light to where you can do 10 in a row no problem. 

November Pull-up Challenge
Accumulate 50 Reps (normal grip) in the least amount of sets

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