11/29/2022 – WOD

a) Bench Press (multi-grip, Yukon, camber) – Work up to a heavy quick single, then 3×8-12 @ 70%.
b) GHD Back Extensions (4×8) or Good AM’s (4×6)
—Superset a/b every 3 min. Heavier than last wk for both a/b. Use weight for the GHD & pause each rep. Keep back neutral for the Good mornings & stay light to keep form if necessary.

10 RFT w/ Partner
6 Power Cleans @ 70-75%
30 Mountain Climbers
15/12 Cal Assault Bike

WOD Notes: Goal is under 2 min/rd. PC should feel relatively heavy to where they take 30 sec at the most. Hit plates under palms to finish each rep of the mountain climber. Sprint the bike each rd!

a) DB Skull Crushers – 4×10 (slow tempo)
b) Banded Hollow Rocks – 6 Sets: 45 sec on / 60 sec off
***No pull-ups today, since we will test max reps tomorrow

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