11/30/2022 – WOD

a) Pull-up Challenge Test – 1 Set Max Reps of Strict Pull-ups
b) Push Press – Quick work up to a heavy single, then 4×5 @ 80%
c) GHD Sit-ups – 5×15-20  (sub: weighted sit-ups)
—20 Min Clock to complete a/b/c. Do part A first then superset b/c as needed.

12 Min AMRAP
10/8 Cal Ski
6 Pull-ups  (RX+ = C2B or 4 Bar MU)
6 Push Jerks 165/110#  (RX+ = 185/125#)

WOD Notes: Goal is 6+ Rds. PJ = 65% of 1RM (should feel moderately heavy, but unbroken). PU sub = 8 Ring Rows or 8 Heavy Lat Pulldowns (pulley). You don’t have to reset monitor, so you can track rounds easier, however you must add 10/8 cals to whatever your monitor says each rd.

a) Lateral/Front DB Raises – 4×8 each (back to back no rest)
b) DB Bicep Curls (control eccentric – at same time) – 4×10

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