6/15/2024 – WOD

4 RFT w/ Partner
400m Run
4 (6 Devil Press 50/35#  (RX+ = 60/40#) + 8 Strict C2B Pull-ups)
***Complete 20 Prowler Push Laps (60ft) at some point in the WOD 

WOD Notes: Goal is sub 30 minutes. You will run together. Partner A will do 6 DP, while Partner B does the 8 Strict C2B Pull-ups. You may do kipping C2B PU, but you must do 10 reps. If you want to do Bar MU it is 4-5 reps each rd. There will be 2 different prowlers loaded (heavy & light). You will have to do all 20 laps in a row (no breaking it up). The pull-ups/MU should take less time than the DP.

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