6/27/2024 – WOD

a) Bench Press – Work up to a heavy single, 3xME @ 70%
b) Glute Ham Raises (4×8-12) or Hamstring Sliders (4×15)
—Superset a/b as needed. 18 Minutes to get this work done. Go for a max if you feel strong.

Every 4 Min x 5 Sets
25/20 Cal Row
5 Wall Walks  (RX+ = 7)
12 Front Rack Box Step-ups (increase each round)

WOD Notes: Goal is to have around 1 minute rest each round & is very similar to last Thursday’s WOD. Shouldn’t be super high intensity because you’re ending on the box step-ups. You will do 6 with the right leg in a row (keep foot on the box) and then 6 with the left leg. Don’t worry about going fast through them and focus on not pushing off the foot that’s on the floor.

a) L-Sit Tap Overs (parallettes) – 5×25 or 10×12
b) Neutral Grip Pull-ups – 5-7 EMOM x 10 Sets

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