7/9/2024 – WOD

a) Strict Press – 5×6 @ 75-80% (6th rep should feel like you’re failing)
b) Good Mornings – 5×8 (pause each rep)
—Superset a/b every 3 minutes. Stay light on part (b) if you don’t do them often & work on maintaining a neutral spine. You may use the same bar for both parts if necessary.

3 (4 Hang Power Clean + 4 Push Press) 165/110#   (RX+ = 185/125#)
20 Weighted Sit-ups (25/10# DB behind head)  (RX+ = GHD SU)
25/20 Cal Row

WOD Notes: Goal is 14-18 minutes. Should be a little shorter than yesterday’s WOD. You should be able to do the 4 HPC & 4 PP unbroken. Drop the bar after the 4th PP each set. Anchor your feet under something for the Sit-ups (yes – I programmed sit-ups for once haha) & hold a DB behind your head. Figure out in warm-up which weight will be appropriate to do 20 reps in a row that’s difficult. Larger classes – Some can start with the row & work backwards so that everyone can have a rower.

a) Hollow Rocks – 1 Min on / 1 Min off x 5 Sets
b) Tricep Pushdowns (pulley) – 4×12

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