2/13/2013 – WOD

12 Min to Find 1RM Power Clean

20 Min AMRAP
5 (1 Power Clean 205/135lb, 2 Lateral Burpees over Bar)
10 KB Walking Lunges 70/53lb
15 Toes To Bar

WOD Notes: Power Clean weight should be 70-75% of 1RM. Make sure you setup each power clean properly with good position for the 1st pull off the ground. For the walking lunges, you will hold the KB up at chest level mimicking the front rack position. This WOD will tax the midline and will challenge you metabolically as well.


Welcome Tina!

2/12/2013 – WOD

Shoulder Press 1×5 (75%), 1×3 (85%), 1×2 (90%), 3×1 (Find 1RM)

4 Rounds For Time
5 Wall Climbs
20 KB Swings 88/53lb
*At the 5 min mark run 400m outside or 20 Laps inside

3x Max Effort L-sit Hold/GHD Sit-up Hold/Weighted Plank/6 inches

WOD Notes: Scaling for the wall climbs is walking your feet backward onto a 24/20/12″ box while moving your hands as close as possible to the box to get torso vertical (pike position). Other ways of scaling will be discussed if this is still too difficult.


2/11/2013 – WOD

Back Squat 1×5 (75%), 1×3 (85%), 5×1 (Find 1RM)

5 Rounds For Time
6 Back Squat (70-75% of 1RM)
30 Lateral Jumps over Barbell
300m Row
—Rest 2 min between rounds
*Score = Total time minus 8 min of rest

WOD Notes: This is an interval style WOD, which each round should be performed as fast as possible. Back Squats should be fairly heavy, but you may double the reps (12) each round and go lighter @ 55% of 1RM to scale. You will have to partner up and share a rack with someone for this workout.

Congrats to everyone tonight on your back squat PR’s!!! Everyone either tied or crushed their old record by double digits! Keep up the great work!

2/9/2013 – WOD

*9am & 10am classes are on schedule for tomorrow. Please allow time to travel safely if you plan on coming. If you want to wait until later in the day to come in and attack this grueling WOD, open gym goes from 11-1pm.

“Gut Check”
10 Thrusters 175/115lb (10th rep should be difficult)
20 Toes To Bar
30 Pull-ups
40 Calorie Row
50 KB Swings 70/53lb
60 Wall Balls 20/14lb
70 Burpees

  • Good Luck to Dan J. tomorrow as he competes in the CrossFit Apex Winter Combine. Who wants to ride over after the morning WOD and cheer on Dan?!


Great job today everyone on this tough WOD! Shout out to Amber and Carly for visiting from Australia (CrossFit 3000)

2/8/2013 – WOD

15 Min To Find a 1RM Snatch (Full Snatch is preferred)

EMOM For 15 Minutes
1 Snatch Complex 155/105lb 65-70% of 1RM (Power Snatch, Hang Power Snatch, Hang Squat Snatch)
1 Tire Flip

WOD Notes: This WOD involves a lot of technique/skill and isn’t designed to metabolically tax your system. You may scale the percentage even lower to work on your form. You may also make-up a WOD that you missed this week, if you don’t plan on coming tomorrow.


2/7/2013 – WOD

Weighted/Banded Strict Pull-ups 5×5 *Choose a weight/band that will limit you to 5 reps

8-12-16-12-8—Chest/Bar Pull-ups
10-15-20-15-10—Front Rack BB Lunges 115/75lb (40% of 1RM Front Squat)
30-40-50-40-30—Double Unders

WOD Notes: Round 1 = 8 Chest/Bar Pull-ups, 10 Lunges, 30 DU. Round 2 = 12 Chest/Bar Pull-ups, 15 Lunges, 40 DU…Try to physically touch your chest to the bar on the pull-ups (these require a stronger kip & pull). Scaling for the Front Rack lunges are Behind the Neck lunges. Singles are triple the amount of DU.


Pat repping out pull-ups easily!

Mary killing the lunges!

2/6/2013 – WOD

10 Min to Find a 3RM Deadlift *These should be touch and go reps

10 Min AMRAP
8 Box Jumps 30/24″
10 Deadlifts 185/125lb (40% of 1RM)
12 Toes To Bar
—Rest 3 min
Air Dyne – 3 Min for Total miles/calories


2/5/2013 – WOD

Bench Press 5×3 (90% of 1RM) + 1 ME set at (70% 1RM)

3 Rounds For Time
10 Hang Power Clean 205/135lb (75% 1RM)
20 GI Janes
30 Cal Row

WOD Notes: The weight on the HPC should be heavy enough that you can still string all 10 HPC the 1st round. However, it should be difficult the 2nd and 3rd rounds. The scaling for GI Janes is 20 burpees + 20 ring rows.


2/4/2013 – WOD

Back Squat 5×3 (90% of 1RM)

5 Rounds For Time
10 Back Squat 185/125lb
10 Shoulder To Overhead 135/95lb
15 Weighted Sit-ups
—Rest 3 min after last round
50 Double Unders
500m Row


2/3/2013 – Rest Day!


  • What’s your prediction? Who’s going to win? Post here to comments.

Reminder: Don’t forgot to sign-up for the CrossFit Games open and register under CFRage. You still have plenty of time. Congratulations to Matt & Joan for joining the 15+ double under club!