2/24/2017 – WOD

Front Squat – 2 reps every 1:15 for 8 total sets
—Start @ 75%. Increase weight every set. Finish with a heavy double.

Make-up/Skill Day!

Announcement: Open WOD 17.1 has been announced and will be programmed for tomorrow! Rage coaches will be tackling it tonight! Please stop by and cheer us on if you aren’t busy. You are responsible for finding your own judge if you don’t plan on doing it Saturday! Judge must be on a different team! Check out games.crossfit.com for full workout description. Please bring in 50# DB if you have a pair, since that seems to be the weight we need still!
***Rage will open at 8am for warm-up. 9am first heat goes off. Heats will run every 25 minutes. Please let me know what heat you’d like to be in if you haven’t already. Last heat will be at 11:30pm. Thanks everyone! Let’s Rage all over 17.1!

Open WOD 17.1 – Dianne

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