3/3/2017 – WOD

Front Squat – 1 rep every min for 10 min
—start @ 70% & work up to a heavy single

Make-up/Skill Day!

Open WOD 17.2 has been announced! This workout comes down to grip strength and how efficient you are at T2B/Bar MU. Whether you are a beginner or elite, think about breaking up T2B and Bar MU into small sets. This will help with your grip endurance throughout the wod. RX = being able to complete one full round of 50ft lunge/16 T2b/8 DB cleans. The tiebreaker will be after each round of DB cleans. Please refer to games.crossfit.com for specific details in each division. First heat goes off at 9am. We will run heats every 15 min. Last heat will go off at 11am. We will add heats if necessary. Please be flexible if you have to go in another heat. Come in tomorrow night to  cheer on your coaches! Good luck everyone!

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