7/13/2017 – WOD

a) Snatch (full) – 8×2 (no foot movement on the catch) @ 70-80%
—This drill will teach you to stay more grounded & pull under the bar.
b) One Arm High Pull – 4 x 6 each arm @ 100% 10RM
*Superset a & b. High pulls should feel fairly light.

4 Rounds For Time
10 Bench Press @ 60-65%
7 Tire Flips
400m Run

WOD Notes: TD = 12-18 min. Set up the benches during warm-up to minimize transition time. Bench should feel challenging for 10 reps by the 3rd round. You should try to partner up with someone who will use similar weight on the bench and same tire to flip.

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