11/8/2018 – WOD

1 Halting Snatch + 1 Full Snatch – 8 sets @ 70-85%
—First 4 sets is an EMOM. 2nd 4 sets are every 90 sec. You may drop in between reps. Pause just below knee cap on 1st rep.

Conditioning (18 min cap)
100 Double Unders
20 T2B
20 Box Step-ups 24/20″ (2) 50/35# DB
25/20 Cal Ski

WOD Notes: DU scale = 30-60 DU, 150 singles, or 90 sec of DU. T2B scale = 10-15 (if you can only do singles) or T2Rings. You will hold (2) DB at your sides for the step-ups. Try to avoid swinging DB (no using them for momentum). Try to go unbroken on the step-ups the first rd. Please DO NOT drop DB!!!

a) Glute/Ham Raises – 4×12 (advanced – weighted or banded)
b) DB Bicep Curl + Gun Walk – 4×8 + 100ft walk (heavier than last wk)
c) L-Sit (paralletes) – 5×20-30 lateral taps over an object

REMINDER: Rage Christmas Party is Saturday December 8th @ 7pm! Please RSVP through the FB page ASAP!

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