11/7/2018 – WOD

Halting Clean + Hang Clean – 1 set every 90 sec for 7 sets
—Pause just below knee for the halting clean. Start @ 70% & try to go a little heavier than last wk. 

15 Min AMRAP
8 Hang Squat Clean 175/115# (55%)
15 DB Bench Press 70/45# (80/50 = Rx+)
Run 250m

WOD Notes: Try to go unbroken on the HSC each rd. They should feel challenging as well, but not a 7 rep max if you were fresh. DB BP should be either unbroken or done in 2 sets with minimal rest. Goal is to get 4-5 rds.

a) DB Reverse Flys (on incline bench) – 4×15
b) GHD Sit-ups or Sit-ups (weighted behind head) – 4×35

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