6/24/2020 – WOD

2 Snatches (Halting – above knee) – 1 set every 90 sec x 6 sets @ 60-70%

100/80 Cal Row For Time
*Top of every minute including 0:00, do 3 Power Snatches 165/105#

WOD Notes: Goal is sub 10 on this. If you haven’t been snatching heavy the last few months stay light and work on technique. If you have been snatching, the weight should feel relatively heavy (75%) to where it takes you about 15-20 sec to do 3 reps especially when fatigued. Your transitions have to be fast on this, so try not to tighten straps! Goal is for men to avg 12-15 cal/min & women 8-10 cal/min. Use DB’s if you don’t have a barbell.

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