9/3/2022 – WOD

Conditioning “35 Min Cap”
3 RFT w/ Partner
80/64 Cal Assault Bike (you must do 6-8 T2B while you rest)
8 (5 Strict Pull-ups + 5 Push-up + Burpee)
24/22/20 Squat Cleans (m: 155/175/205#) (f: 105/115/135#)

WOD Notes: Goal is sub 35 min. For the Bike you must switch every 10/8 cals. So each person will do 4 sets (10/8 cals + 6-8 T2B). T2B sub = weighted sit-ups or hollow rocks. Use a band for strict pull-ups if you can’t do an unassisted one. Partner A will work on pull-ups while partner B does the push-up + Burpee. Cleans should be 55/60/70% of your max. 

9/1/2022 – WOD

a) RDL – 4×8 @ 65-70%
b) DB Lateral Raises – 4×12 (control eccentric)
—Superset a/b every 3:30. Work up to a heavy single if you missed last wk.

15 Min AMRAP
20/16 Cal Row
12 DB Hang Snatches (2 arm) 50/35#
60 Double Unders

WOD Notes: Goal is 5+ rds. You should be able to go unbroken on the DB’s. DU sub = 30 DU, 100 singles, or 120ft versa. Use this day as an active rest day & just move. No need to push the intensity unless you haven’t been in much all week.

a) L-Sit/Tuck (pegboard) – 6×30 sec (rest 1 min between)
b) Strict Pull-ups – 5×10 (weighted or use band if necessary)

8/31/2022 – WOD

Strength “15 Min Clock”
a) Press/Push Press/Jerk (choose one) – Work up to a heavy single
b) GHD Hip Extensions – 4×15-20 reps (advanced = weighted)
—Superset a/b as necessary. You can also do light BB good mornings if GHD isn’t available.

1:30 AMRAP x 12 w/ Partner
8 Front Rack Lunges (increase every 2 rds)
8 Push Jerks (increase every 2 rds)
Max Cal Ski

WOD Notes: Goal is to have 45-60 sec to ski/rd. Try to use the same weight for FRL & PJ if possible unless one movement is significantly stronger than the other (then have 2 separate bars out). You should be able to do all 16 barbell reps unbroken. (m: 135/155/175#) (f: 95/105/115#). First 2 rds are light. Second (2) rounds are medium & last 2 rounds should be challenging but doable to do unbroken. Partner A works for the 1:30, while Partner B rests then switch.

a) GHD Sit-ups – 4×20 (weighted med ball) —rest 90 sec between
b) Reverse Flies – 4×15

8/30/2022 – WOD

Strength “15 Min Cap”
a) 1 Rep – Power Clean or Hang Power Clean (your choice)
b) DB Bench Press – 5×8 (heavy)
—Superset a/b as necessary. Work up to a heavy Clean.

8 Min AMRAP Ladder
2 Dball/Bag Over Shoulder 125/80#  (RX+ = 150/100#)
2 Burpee Box Jump Overs 24/20″
4 Dball/Bag Over Shoulder 
4 Burpee Box Jump Overs 
6 Dball/Bag Over Shoulder 
6 Burpee Box Jump Overs 
***Continue pattern for remaining 8 minutes
—Rest 3 minutes then:
For Time
250m Sandbag Carry (shoulder) 125/80#
20 GI Janes

WOD Notes: Goal is to get to the round of 12 BBJO & sub 5 min for part 2. You may step-up if necessary on the BBJO, but use a lower box & jump if you have no medical excuse. Use the same bag/ball for the carry. Use pull-up bar above your reach if you can do a strict pu. 

a) Tricep Pushdowns (rope pulley) – 4×10 (heavy)
b) Hollow Rocks: Tabata 12 Rounds

8/29/2022 – WOD

Strength “18 Min Cap”
a) Front Squat – 18 Min to Find a Heavy Single + 1×8-10 @ 70%
b) DB Pull-over – 4×10 (use one DB)
—Superset a/b as needed

15 DB Thrusters 50/35#
2 Rope Climbs 15ft (RX+ = 20ft)
250m Sled Drag 70/45#

WOD Notes: Goal is 11-14 min. Thrusters should be done in 1-2 sets every rd. RC sub = 4 up/downs, 5 heavy pulleys, or 12-15 ring rows. You should be able to run with the sled most of the time and use a belt.

a) Weighted Plank – 10 Sets: 30 Sec on / 30 Sec off (heavier than last wk)
b) DB Bicep Curls – 4×10 (at same time)

8/27/2022 – WOD

Conditioning “45 min cap”
3 RFT w/ Partner
4 (75 Double Unders + 3 (3 Burpees + 1 Wall Walk))
30 Deadlifts 275/185#
30 Front Squats 185/115#
30 Push Presses 155/95#
100/80 Cal Row

WOD Notes: Goal is to get under the 45 min cap. Barbell weights are 55-60% of all your lifts. You may adjust weights depending on how strong your FS & PP are. I’d recommend doing a 10/10/5/5 or 5/5/5/5/5/5 rep scheme for all the barbell movements. Partner A will work on DU while Partner B does the burpee/WW complex. You will do both movements 2x each rd. Try to plan weights ahead of time to limit transition time!

8/25/2022 – WOD

a) Deadlift – 15 Min to work up to a heavy single
b) Incline DB Bench Press – 5×8 (heavy)
—Superset a/b as needed. Go for max if you feel strong! You may just focus on heavy DL if you want as well.

10 RFT
8 T2B
10 Wall Balls 30/20# to 10/9.5ft
12/9 Assault Bike

WOD Notes: Goal is 18-22 min. You don’t have to reset the monitor each round so you will end at 120/90. T2B sub = T2R or weighted su/leg raises. WB should be unbroken each rd, but a little heavier if possible. 

a) DB Lateral Raise + Front Raise – 4×12
b) GHD Back Extensions – 4×10 (weighted = advanced)
—Control the descent down

8/24/2022 – WOD

Snatch – 1 EMOM x 12 
—Start @ 70% & work up to a heavy single. Take extra time if needed

18 Hang DB Snatches (9R + 9L) 70/50#
14 C2B Pull-ups (RX+ = 8-10 Strict PU or 6-8 Bar MU)
400m Run

WOD Notes: Goal is 13-16 minutes. You may switch anyway you’d like on the DB snatches. C2B sub = chin over bar, banded pu, or assisted pu using barbell on a rack. 

a) Barbell Shoulder Press – 4×12 (heavy)
b) GHD Sit-ups – 6×15 (weighted med ball) —rest 60 sec between

8/23/2022 – WOD

Strength “18 Min Clock”
a) Bench Press – Work up to a Heavy Single + 2×8-12 @ 70-75%
b) Glute Ham Raises – 3×10-15 (sub: 5-7 reps: 3-5 sec lower from top)
—Go for a PR on BP! You may also do the hamstring sliders instead of GHR

14 Min Clock
13 Clean n Jerk 135/95#
15 Bar Facing Burpees
10 Clean n Jerk 165/105#
15 Bar Facing Burpees
7 Clean n Jerk 195/125#
15 Bar Facing Burpees
4 Clean n Jerk 225/145#
15 Bar Facing Burpees
***Max Clean n Jerk 225/145#

WOD Notes: Goal is to finish the 4th set of BRB & have at least 1 minute to get as many CnJ at the heavy weight. Score = total reps of CnJ at the end. Weights should be 45/55/65/75% of your 1RM CnJ. You don’t have to squat the CnJ. You must jump over the bar (no 1 foot take offs).

a) Tricep Pushdowns (pulley) – 4×12 (heavy)
b) Hollow Rocks: Tabata 10 Rounds

8/22/2022 – WOD

a) Back Squat – 18 Min Work up to Heavy Single.
b) Straight Arm Lat Pulldown (pulley) – 4×10 (heavy)
—Superset part b as needed. Go for PR if you feel strong.

12 Min AMRAP
4/4 Cal Ski
2 Back Squat + 2 Back Rack Lunges 135/95#  (RX+ = 155/105#)
8/7 Cal Ski
4 Back Squat + 4 Back Rack Lunges 
12/10 Cal Ski
6 Back Squat + 6 Back Rack Lunges 
16/13 Cal Ski
8 Back Squat + 8 Back Rack Lunges 
***Continue pattern for remaining 12 minutes

WOD Notes: Goal is to get to the round of 24/19 Ski & 12 BS/BRL. Weight should feel relatively light through the first few rounds then get challenging, but you should be able to go unbroken on both the squats and lunges back to back.

a) Weighted Plank – 10 Sets: 30 Sec on / 30 Sec off
b) DB Preacher Bicep Curls – 4×10 (each arm)
—Go lighter than normal.