3/24/2020 – WOD

Conditioning Option #1 (If you did the DL/Burpee WOD yesterday)
10 RFT
8 DB Squats 50/35#’s
4 Bar Muscle-ups
Run 200m

WOD Notes: Do a 5×3 Back Squat @ 80%+ before this WOD. Use 2 DB’s. Squats & MU should be unbroken each rd. Scale reps back to 2 if necessary or do 5 strict C2B/chin over bar each rd. Goal is 15-18 min.

Conditioning Option #2 (if you did weighted burpee/db squat yesterday)
10 RFT
5 Deadlifts 275/185#
4 Bar Muscle-ups 
Run 200m

WOD Notes: Do 3×3 Deadlifts @ 80%+ before this WOD. DL should be around 60% for WOD (unbroken) & MU should be unbroken each rd. Scale reps back to 2 if necessary or do 5 strict C2B/chin over bar each rd. Goal is 15-18 min.

Minimal Equipment #1 – 2 DB’s
10 RFT
10 One Leg RDL (5R + 5L) 50/35#DB’s
12 Gorilla Rows (alternate each rep) 50/35# DB’s
Run 200m

WOD Notes: Focus on keeping hips square to the floor (belly button to the floor) on the one leg RDL’s. Always keep one DB on the floor for the gorilla rows as you alternate which arm you pull with each rep & make sure low back is arched.

Minimal Equipment #2 – 1 DB
10 RFT
10 One Leg RDL (5R + 5L) 50/35#DB
12 Bent-over Rows (6R + 6L) 50/35# DB
Run 200m

WOD Notes: Try to use the heaviest DB you have for this WOD. For RDL, place DB in your left hand if the left leg is doing the work. You must also hold at the bottom of each rep for 2 sec since you have less weight.

3/23/2020 – WOD

8 Deadlift 275/185#
16 Lateral Burpees over Bar

WOD Notes: If you have more weights, work up to a few heavy triples for DL (3×3 @ 80%+). DL weight in the WOD should be around 60% (should be able to do quick sets of 3-4 reps touch n go). Burpee standard = stand up all the way for each burpee! Goal is sub 12!

“Minimal Equipment Version”
12 Min AMRAP Ladder
3 Weighted Burpees 50/35# DB’s
3 DB Squats
6 Weighted Burpees
6 DB Squats
9 Weighted Burpees
9 DB Squats

WOD Notes: If you only have one DB that’s ok, just alternate arms each rep & do Goblet Squats (hold DB vertical). Goal is to get to & beyond rd of 21. Note: It will be much easier to get more reps with one DB, since you’re moving less weight throughout the WOD.

Announcement: We have been doing “At Home” Workouts now for over a week! I hope you all have been following the Rage programming each day! Please remember to keep tagging CrossFit Rage in your Instagram posts/stories!! I miss you all very much & hope we can get back into the gym sooner than later! 

3/21/2020 – WOD

4k Row For Time
***Every 5 min starting at 0:00, do 10 Power Snatches 155/105#

WOD Notes: Goal is to finish this WOD in 4 sets. PS should be quick singles which you should be able to do in under a min each time.

Running Version w/ Barbell
800m Run
10 Power Snatches 155/105#

WOD Notes: Goal is sub 20. Try to keep your runs between 3-4 minutes.

2 DB Version
800m Run
20 2 Arm DB Snatches 50/35#’s

WOD Notes: It’s your choice if you want the DB’s to contact inside or outside feet. Only one head has to hit the floor. Please do not drop DB if you borrowed from Rage!!!!!

1 DB Version
800m Run
30 Clean n Presses 50/35# (15 each arm)
*Switch every 5 reps

WOD Notes: Weight should feel light to where you can rep through these quick!

3/20/2020 – WOD

150 Wall Balls For Time 20/14# to 10ft
***Top of every minute including 0:00, do 8 T2B or 8 Abmat Sit-ups

WOD Notes: Goal is to avg 12-15 WB each minute & finish sub 15 minutes. Scale T2B back to 5 reps or whatever you can get done in 15 sec each rd.

Minimal Equipment Version -Tabata (20 sec on / 10 sec off) – 8 Rounds
Goblet Squats (hold DB vertical in front)
Hollow Rocks
Wall Climbs (Advanced = HS Walk for 20 sec)
Shuttle Run (30ft increments)

WOD Notes: You will do 8x (GS/HR/WC/SR) following the 20 sec on / 10 sec off protocol. You will rotate through each exercise. DO NOT do all 8 rds in a rows of the squats first. WC Sub = shoulder taps in a pike position with feet elevated. Set up cones 30 ft apart & sprint back & forth.

3/19/2020 – WOD

10 RFT
5 Power Clean 185/125#
7 DB Bench Press 80/40#’s
9/7 Cal Assault Bike or 300m Bicycle Ride or 15 Low Box Jumps 12-15″

WOD Notes: PC = Quick singles the whole WOD. Use about 65% of PC. DB bench should be challenging but unbroken every rd. Find something to jump on that’s not too high so that you can cycle through these quick! Goal is 15-20 min. 

2 DB Version – 5 RFT
10 DB Hang Cleans 50/35#
15 DB Bench Press 50/35#
25 Box Jumps 12″ or 400m Bicycle Ride

WOD Notes: HC/BP should be unbroken each round & the box jumps should give your upper body a little break to recover. Choose something to jump on that’s low to where you can cycle quick. It could be a step in your house even though that’s less than 12″. 

1 DB Version – 5 RFT
10 One Arm Hang Cleans (L) 50/35#
10 One Arm Hang Cleans (R) 50/35#
15 One Arm Bench Press (L) 50/35#
15 One Arm Bench Press (R) 50/35#
25 Box Jumps 12″ or 400m Bicycle Ride

WOD Notes: I’d have the DB outside your legs for the hang cleans. If you don’t have a bench, you can do floor presses where you lay on the ground and elbow hits the ground each rep. Choose something to jump on that’s really low!

3/18/2020 – WOD

10 Push Press 155/105#
10 Front Rack Lunges 155/105#
12 C2B Pull-ups  (sub: 8 Strict PU or 12 ring rows)

WOD Notes: This is done with a barbell. PP/FRL should feel difficult for 10 reps especially the later rounds. If you have a BB but don’t have a pull-up bar you can do 12 pendlay rows. Goal is 7-10 minutes.

DB Version – 5 RFT   (Rx = 50/35# DB)
10 One Arm Push Press (R)
10 One Arm Push Press (L) 
10 OH Lunges Right Arm 
10 OH Lunges Left Arm
15 Bent-over Rows Right Arm
15 Bent-over Rows Left Arm

WOD Notes: If you have a really light DB, do strict press instead of push press. This will take 2:00-2:30 min / rd so you looking at 12-15 minutes depending on your DB weight.


3/17/2020 – WOD

AGOQ #2 – For Time
100 DB Snatches (alternating) 50/35#
50 Cal Row
100 Bar Facing Burpees

Minimal Equipment Version (no rower)
100 DB Snatches (alternating) 50/35#
800m Run
100 Bar Facing Burpees (or jump over DB)

WOD Notes: Goal is sub 20 minutes. DB should feel really light to where you’re doing at least 20-30 at a time & switch mid air. This workout is all about the burpees since that’s what takes the most time out of the 3 movements. 

3/16/2020 – WOD

2020 Age Group Online Qualifier – WOD #1 – 6 Min AMRAP
8 Thrusters 115/85#
50 Double Unders or 50 Singles

8 DB Thrusters or 12 One Arm DB Thrusters
50 Double Unders or 50 Singles
***If you choose to do singles, it is a 10 Min AMRAP

3/14/2020 – WOD

100 One Arm (alternating) Devil Press 50/35# For Time
—Every 5 minutes run 400m

WOD Notes: WOD will start with a 400m run. I’d recommend having a clock right next to you when doing the devil presses. You must switch arms each rep. Goal is to finish this WOD in 5 sets or less. Run should take no more than 2:30 so you should be able to get 20+ devil presses each set. If you have any specific questions about the WOD, please don’t hesitate to reach out! Please send me one workout picture so I can post a collage on Instagram! Also, post times on the CrossFit Rager Private FB Page!!!!!

Announcement: In accordance with the PA Governor Tom Wolf’s executive order to close all county schools, community centers, gyms, and entertainment venues for 2 weeks, we at CrossFit Rage care about your health & welfare. We will be working in accordance with the local government, closing, effective tomorrow (Saturday) for 13 days.Daily at home WOD’s will be posted on the Rage WOD/Blog. I will also have a dumbbell/KB sign-up sheet at Rage today from 2-6pm & tomorrow from 12-4pm. You may come in and borrow one DB for the next 13 days if you’d like because most of the WODS will involve a DB. Please make sure to sanitize it when returning. The gym will also be thoroughly cleaned while it’s closed. I will also be having a skills workshop every Sunday in April. This was already being planned anyway. I’m trying to best I can to add value to your membership over these next 2 weeks, so I appreciate everyone’s understanding during this difficult time! If you have any questions/concerns please don’t hesitate to contact me.

3/12/2020 – WOD

Power Clean + Front Squat + Jerk – 2 Every 90 sec x 6 sets @ 75-80%

6 Front Rack Lunges 165/105#
5 Bar Muscle-ups  (sub: 5 GI Janes)
35 Double Unders

WOD Notes: Lunges should feel light to where you can do 6 unbroken but get challenging towards the end. You may cut reps on MU to 2-3/rd then do remaining reps in GI Janes. DU sub = 15 DU or 60 singles.

a) L-Sit/Tuck (Pegboard) – 8×20 sec on / 40 sec off
b) DB Reverse Flies – 4×15