12/4/2018 – WOD

Deadlift – 1×10 (67%), 1×8 (72%), 1×6 (77%), 1×4 (82%), 1×2 (87%)
—No touch n go. Lower under control each rep. Use just a little more than last wk.

2 Min AMRAP x 10 (with a partner – interval style)
10/arm DB Bent Over Rows (heavy)
10 Shoulder to OH 175/115# (60%)
Max Cal Ski
—rest 2 min between rds. Score = total cals.

WOD Notes: Try to make DB rows as strict as possible (back should be parallel to floor). Jerks should be difficult for 10 reps, but shouldn’t be a 10 rep max. You should have about 60-70 sec to ski each round. This WOD is going to target the Lats/Triceps, so be ready to get swole! Use rower if there aren’t enough ski ergs.

Hollow Rocks – Max Rounds of Tabata (Scale with hands to the side or under butt). Shoot for 1 more rd than last wk.

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