2/12/2019 – WOD

Jerk (from rack) – 15 Min to work up to a heavy single, then 1 set max reps @ 75%

2 Min AMRAP x 5 (with a partner)
50ft Handstand Walk or 10 HSPU
6 Power Cleans @ 75%
Max Cal Bike
—rest 2 minutes between rds

WOD Notes: You should be getting 45-60 sec on the bike each round. HS Walk = 2x25ft. HSPU = level (make it a deficit if that’s too easy). INT = 3 Wall Climbs. SC = 10 Pike Push-ups. PC should feel on the heavier side to where you do singles & should take around 30-35 seconds. Partner B will start 2 min later.

Ring AB Roll outs – 5×12
—just like a barbell ab rollout, but use the low rings. Rest 90 sec between.

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