1/11/2020 – WOD

Complete 3 Rounds (w/ a Partner)
20 Clusters 175/115#
30 Strict Pull-ups
40 Front Rack Lunges 175/115#
50 (2 HR Push-up + 1 Burpee over Bar)
Run 400m

WOD Notes: Goal is sub 35 min on this! Clusters/lunges = “You go, I go”. Pull-ups/Push-up + Burpee = you work at the same time. For the Push-up complex, you will do 2 push-ups. On the 3rd one you will get up like a burpee. You will run at the same time as well. If one of you is significantly slower on the run, you can scale to 250m. You may break up the work as needed. 

Anouncement: No Open Gym Sunday

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