1/9/2020 – WOD

Snatch + Hang Snatch – 6 Sets @ 75%+ (heavier than last wk)
—Do one set every 90 sec, then take more rest at the end if needed

10 Rounds w/ a partner (interval style)
6 Dball Over Shoulder 125/80#
1 Rope Climb 20ft or 1 Pegboard Ascent
15/13 Cal Row

WOD Notes: Each round should be between 1:15-2 min at the most, so it should take less than 20 min! Really try to sprint the row! 

a) One Arm High Pulls – 4×10 (each arm)
b) L-Sit/Tuck (pegboard) – 6 sets: 30 sec on / 45 sec off

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