7/21/2020 – WOD

Every 2:30 x 5 Sets
a) Deadlift – 4 reps @ 75%+ (3 sec eccentric)
b) DB Bench Press – 8 Reps (try to use a little heavier than last wk)

For Time
40 Burpee to Target
30 DB Snatches (alternating) 70/45#
60/45 Cal Bike
30 DB Snatches (alternating) 70/45#
40 Burpee to Target

WOD Notes: Goal is 12-17 min. Use a bar that’s slightly above reach if possible or hit lower on your wrist. DB Snatches should be done in 1-3 sets each round & should be muscle. You shouldn’t have to pull under at all (switch mid air). 

Hollow Rocks – Tabata 10 Rounds

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