5/4/2021 – WOD

a) Push Press – 6×2 @ 85%+ (heavier than last wk)
b) One Arm Farmers Carry – 4x30m (each arm – heavier than last wk)
—You will do your FC after set 1,2,3,5 of PP.

5 Rounds (interval style)
3-5 Wall Climbs or 10-15 Strict HSPU or 50ft HS Walk
16 One Arm DB Hang Snatch (8R+8L) 50/35#  (RX+ = 70/50#)
150m Sled Drag 90/60#
—Rest 1 min between rounds

WOD Notes: Try to run with the sled each round, since you have built in rest. Goal is to avg less than 3 min/round. Do not spend more than 45 sec on the first movement.

a) Weighted Leg Raises (Bench) – 5×15
—Pinch 10/15# DB between feet. Control weight on the way down
b) Lateral/Front/Rear DB Raises – 3×12 each

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