7/10/2021 – WOD

3 RFT w/ a Partner
20 (Power Clean + Sq Clean + 2 Jerks) – Increasing
40 T2B
80 Wall Balls 30/20# to 10/9.5ft
40 T2B
250m Sled Drag 160/115#

WOD Notes: Goal is sub 40 min. This WOD is “you go, I go” except for the sled drag. You should be able walk fast or jog slow with the sled. If you have to walk the whole time it’s too heavy! T2B sub = T2R, knee ups, or weighted SU. WB should be heavier than normal. M = 135/155/185. F = 95/115/125#. Try to touch n go the cleans.

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