11/3/2018 – WOD

800m Partner Sled Drag 115/70# For Time
At the 10 Min Mark:
4 Min AMRAP of Muscle-ups
4 Min AMRAP of Clean n Jerks (70%)
At the 20 Min Mark:
8 Min AMRAP of Ski for total cals using a 30 on / 30 off interval

WOD Notes: If classes are larger than 12 we will have to some teams start with the MU/CnJ. The 800m Sled Drag should be a slow jog where it will mentally push you to run the whole time. If you have to walk some of it that’s ok, but just remember the quicker you finish the more rest you get. MU – you may do ring or bar & can work at the same time as partner if you want. Scaling = GI Janes. CnJ – you must alternate back and forth with a partner. There is no rest in between the MU/CnJ. Record 4 separate scores.

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