1/5/2019 – WOD

Conditioning (Partner WOD)
30 Clean n Jerks 165/105#
6 Rope Climbs (RX+ = Legless) (Partner holds BB in Front Rack)
60 One Arm OH Lunges 70/45# DB
30 Double Dutch Burpees (face bar)

WOD Notes: Shoot for 12 minute rounds or less. CnJ = 60% (moderately heavy). You will switch back and forth each rep. RC scale = 3 pulleys/rc or 2-3 up/downs. Partner B must hold BB in front rack when Partner A is on RC. Switch every 10 reps on the OH lunges, make transitions quick! Each DD Burpee = 1 rep, so you are doing 30 burpees each!

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