7/23/2020 – WOD

2 Power Cleans + 3 Jerks @ 75%+
—1 set every 2 Min x 5 Sets

For Time
6 Clean n Jerks 185/125#
15 T2B
250m Run
9 Clean n Jerks 185/125#
20 T2B
400m Run
12 Clean n Jerks 185/125#
25 T2B
800m Run

WOD Notes: You don’t have to squat the CnJ. Use around 60% of your CnJ. It should feel moderately heavy to where you have to rest a few sec between reps & you shouldn’t be able to touch n go a bunch of them. T2B sub = Toe through ring, knee above hips, or weighted sit-ups. Sub 200ft/300ft/600ft on the versa climber.

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